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Fasting and Feasting For Fat Loss


So telling an american to fast is as easy as telling an american to not celebrate Christmas or the 4th of July! People just look at you sideways like you just asked them to sacrifice their first born. However, the benefits of this long used modality can have so many modern day benefits for us. For instance, Type 2 diabetics have a problem with high blood sugar right? Simple fix is to take the pills right? What if you could dodge the pills,and reverse the entire problem of blood sugar and insulin? Fasting is literally proving itself to do just that.

If you have type 2 or even pre-diabetes, and you have not heard of Dr. Jason Fung, I couldn’t recommend more to check out his blog, and some of his lectures. I was skeptical at first, but more and more his logic and science have proven themselves true. Not to mention I have ran my own experiments.


I plan on going more into detail about my experiments later. The most shocking part about this approach to me is the fact that muscle loss is so minor or even not at all! It took me a minute to wrap my head around the idea that cutting calories will reduce metabolism or metabolic rate, but yet fasting,(cutting everything!) doesn’t slow metabolism or metabolic rate! The major bonus of fasting (besides fat loss, tons of energy, focus, and extra time on your hands) is the feasting! If you calorie restrict after your fast, the data shows that you will be doing damage to your metabolism. However, complementing fasting with feasting, and I mean feasting, shows that you can effectively burn fat for energy on your fast days and eat like king or queen on your feast days. There are precautions to fasting so i recommend researching and talking to your doctor before doing any long term fasting. I’ve found that salt and water are my two fasting partners. Start small. Go from 12, to 18, to a 24 hour fast. I don’t recommend going straight in to a 3-5 day fast….

Check with your Doctor, and evaluate your stress and health before you start fasting. Remember it is a stress to the body. So being as stress free overall will allow for more healing and not hurting. For more information on fasting you can email me at musclesandveggies@gmail.com

Tools for Intermittent Fasting and Fat loss

Intermittent Fasting:

Everyone’s heard of it…… Intermittent Fasting is a growing modality for health and fat loss. People have been talking about fasting for years. It’s just that not many actually do it. I have been playing with some short term and long term fasts. So I wanted to get my biggest tools out for those who want to try this very powerful modality.

In my professional opinion, I’m not sure there is any other intervention that is stronger for reversing type 2 diabetes and obesity than fasting. Just like physical training you have to start small and work your way up. Fasting is no different. Just a 12 hour fast can be really difficult for many people, and they get 8 of those hours done while they are asleep.Believe it or not, working your way up to a 24 hour fast and beyond is forcing your body to lower blood sugar, lower insulin, and turn on fat mobilization. Watch below for my 3 biggest tips to fast correctly.

For more info on Exogenous Ketone Supplements Click here Tools intermittent Fasting

Exogenous Ketones(they slow fat loss) vs. Endogenous Ketones

We want to burn fuel from our butts not our wallets!

So let me start this blog post off by saying that I personally use, and sell exogenous ketones. I think they are a great tool for many things. However, I believe you can not ingest them and and magically fat burning starts happening while you eat all the junk you want.

Exogenous Ketone Benefits

exogenous ketones performance

Strava results from a 36 hour fasted run.

I love to use them as an awesome aid during intermittent fasting, weight lifting, trail running, hiking, or while adapting back into nutritional ketosis after a carb up meal. They give me extreme mental focus and kill food cravings while fasting. They can even boost physical performance on a fast. I recently ran 3.3 miles 36 hours into a fast and literally felt faster than ever. When in nutritional ketosis I will add them in before a cross fit workout because it allows me to be more intense and not worry about “bonking” during a met con. My wife does 3-5 day fasts all the time and she uses them to sustain energy if she starts crashing throughout the day. It also seems to help her with nausea as well. There is a ton of benefits to using ketones as a fuel source, which is why I got into nutritional ketosis in the first place. That being said there is a lot of hype about this product that needs to be avoided by the average person….

Exogenous Ketones Burn More of Our Fat?


Exogenous ketones

This is a picture from one of the videos that Exogenous Ketone companies put out.

Let’s look at this from a logical standpoint. To get our bodies to use fat as fuel we have to restrict fuel in the form of macro nutrients (like fats, proteins, and carbs) to level that it signals the body to up regulate fatty acids from adipose tissue. Ketones are a fuel! Taking them is only adding fuel to the equation not restricting it so that we can mobilize body fat. Think of it this way: It’s like if I had a ton of left overs in my fridge that had built up over time, and my plan to eat them was to buy left overs online and consume them instead!…. How does that work??? To start burning your own body fat includes restricting [primarily] insulin (carbs and proteins) and overall calories(less important important than res. insulin). Only then can we turn into Fat burning machines. There is no magic drink out there (Plexis, herbalife, shakeology, Slimfast, Etc. Etc.) that turns on fat burning by consuming it, You have a better chance with coffee than all those HAHA! At least the coffee will make you move more!

The Conclusion:

The ways that this product will help you lose fat is to use it in conjunction of well balanced diet that supports fat burning on it’s own. Then Exogenous Ketones can be used as a tool to help you feel good while fasting or adopting a low carbohydrate diet. I have seen much success with my clients using this to help them intermittent fast, feel good, and restrict macros and calories to the point where their bodies go after it’s “left over’s”, or also called fat. For more info or questions on exogenous ketones email me at musclesandveggies@gmail.com, or to buy exogenous ketones for increased performance and mental clarity, you can buy them HERE. I’ve found these to have the cleanest ingredients on the market.

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Savory Low carb fun!

Low carb, High fat, Moderate protein meals

I hear my clients complain all the time saying, “low carb is so hard, i don’t know what to eat….”, Which is usually followed by them telling me they had a huge cheat meal…. If you know how to properly formulate a low carb diet you will soon realize that it’s not only enjoyable but also very sustainable! There are exceptions to the rule. If you are allergic to butter, bacon, coconut oil, olive oil, and nuts than you might have a hard time with LCHF.

I threw this video together to show this is just one combination that you can throw together fast for an awesome low sugar, low starch meal that taste amazing and makes you feel great. More of these coming soon. http://https://youtu.be/70ZBTs535eo