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Reversing Diabetes Story – Client Juan Garcia


Meet Client Juan Garcia

Reversing Diabetes Story December 2017: Client Juan Garcia @jgarcia72745

Juan started the Muscles and Veggies Health Coaching program in October 2017. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and knew that he couldn’t just sit around and do nothing about it. The Muscles and Veggies program started him by completing weekly strength training routines, and changing his diet to low carb Ketogenic approach. Immediately his weight began to drop, and so did his blood sugars. As he got stronger and stronger in the gym we dialed in his diet by slowly phasing out the fruit, protein shakes, rice cakes, and other things that he mistakenly thought was healthy. We focused on improving gut health, stress, sleep, and digestion. It wasn’t long before Diabetic meds were a thing of the past, and new clothes were an immediate need. Off his medications, off cigarettes, and down 45 lbs. #lifechanging

There is a Revolution happening right now right under the Medical Communities nose. Type 2 Diabetes isn’t life long and progressive for every person. Type 2 Diabetics don’t have to remain on meds for the rest of their lives. Insulin Resistance can be reversed and weight loss, energy and vitality can be restored. We already know through the studies that eating larger low carb meals wins over the standard Diabetic diets. Spread the word, tell the people you love! Lets Reverse this dis-ease and get back to living Awesome!
Completely off his diabetic meds, and down 45 pounds while gaining a ton of muscle, and kicking cigarettes are just a few of the awesome lifestyle goals that Juan has received from his hard work. Follow Juan on his Journey on Instagram @jgarcia72745 and email any questions about Type 2 Diabetes coaching to musclesandveggies@gmail.com

Overcoming Addiction Diet

Overcoming Addiction Diet Protocol?

I decided after much thought that it was time to share my story (mostly because my story was published by my favorite author on his blog). It’s not an easy one to tell, and it definitely doesn’t glamorize myself as a Business owner, coach, and man. However, I do feel like that people need know how important their brain health (and Gut health) is when it comes to overcoming addiction. Whether its food, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc.etc. Addiction is a disease of the brain. That vise or habit is giving us the rise in dopamine that keeps us seeking it out again and again.

Short Story of My addiction and how Diet helped me to overcome it.beating sugar addiction

I grew up in a normal middle class family in Southern Missouri. My Mother was deceived, in my opinion, by the low fat movement that was popular in the 90’s. Everything in our house was fat free or low fat. In 1998 my mother was diagnosed with late stage Stomach Cancer, that started in her esophagus. I watched her suffer through Chemotherapy and eventually die at the age 45, 11 months after her diagnoses. My Father battled with addiction most of his life. Sugar addiction and alcoholism go hand and hand, and before my dad’s alcoholism was full blown to the point that he was medically detoxed in the hospital (basically hooked up to breathing tubes, and sedated for a month to come off the alcohol). Around my mid teens I started smoking pot and taking pharmaceutical drugs to cope with the emotional pain of losing my mother. My dad’s alcoholism killed him shortly after I graduated High school at the age 18. The next 8 years of my life were filled with drug addiction, selling drugs, crime, and living an immoral life. After multiple drug treatments, and finally 3 stays in prison, I finally was so heartbroken that I was searching for answers. Answers for why life was so broken for me….. I will not use this platform to tell you about my experience with the learning the truth of the Bible, but if you would like to know more about how “Bible Truth” plays into this, feel free to email me your questions.


In prison:

Along my journey through 3.5 year prison term, my sister (a nutrition coach, personal trainer) sent me a game changing book. The Book the Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson. This book clearly outlines a primal way of living that gets us back to our basic metabolic biology that we would have had long before the industrial revolution. At the time I was struggling with Health issues that I didn’t know were really issues, but thought that they were normal part of everyday life. For instance, I thought that as a guy 185 lbs that it was totally normal to have gas all the time. I thought joint pain was just part of not being 18 anymore, and a part of lifting weights regularly. I also thought that it was normal to have an afternoon crash everyday. My normal afternoon consisted of taking a nap one to two hours after lunch and sleeping so hard that an hour later when I would wake up, I had to have coffee or sugar to crawl out of he hole I was in.  After reading this “primal Blueprint” book, I realized that Mark, had been dealing with all the same things, and that they were not normal but actually health problems caused by our diet. This book made so much sense to me on so many levels. So I started to implement it’s suggestions like cutting some grains, dairy, and eating more vegetables. Within a week my joint pain was gone. So then I decided to cut out added sugars, and limit my carbs depending on how hard I trained that day. Within another week my afternoon crash was gone! Not only that, but my brain and mood was different. Despite being in prison, I was so much more positive. I found myself trying to encourage other people by being positive when I spoke to them. Looking Back, I can Clearly see that my brain was going through a healing/cleaning process. Coming out of that Brain Fog from things like Sugar, Gluten, and Dairy was so key to this transformation. I even began studying for a Personal Trainer exam through the American College of Sports Med. to become a personal trainer while I was in Prison.


Gut health addiction

overcoming addiction diet


Shortly thereafter I was released from prison and I got to have complete control over my diet. I immediately started working on my Gut health (taking Probiotics, eating lots of good veggie fiber), and focusing on healthy fats that I didn’t have access to in the joint. These two things took me to the next level. Suddenly my energy went through the roof, my workouts improved, and my focus and mental clarity was off the charts from what I had ever experienced before. I remember driving one day and pondering about my life, and suddenly I thought, “for the first time in long time, I could care less about getting high, or drunk, or eating sugar. I’m free!”. Now I knew I was on to something big that I wanted to share with others. I got certified 1st as a Personal Trainer in 2015 through the ACSM, then shortly after certified as a Cross Fit Coach, a IWA Life Coach, and then a Weight Management Specialist ACE.


The Science of Diet and Addiction

I firmly believe that I am sensitive to Gluten and Dairy, and that they brain fog that I was trapped under kept me stuck into addictive behaviors. Sugar has been shown in multiple experiments to trigger the same pleasure areas in the brain as cocaine. In combination with tons of Anti inflammatory drugs (from joint pain), the Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar were destroying my gut health- Which also is linked with our brain function. I could see how so many people get caught up in this cycle and destroy their Gut health, while gaining weight, living in Brain fog, and other digestive issues. Fixing my Gut, by removing the culprits, and replacing with “good Bugs” and prebiotic Fiber (tons of Veggies, hence my Website name). This all allowed the Brain Fog to disappear and energy, and digestion to wildly improve. With all that cleared up, I started packing on muscle like crazy, which in turn only raised my metabolic rate and got me leaner and leaner.

beating sugar addiction

Working with Diabetic clients, getting them off Diabetic meds with Keto and Fasting

My blood sugar/insulin dis regulation was obviously causing my mood swings, afternoon crash, and excess fat. Cutting sugar, gluten, and excess processed carbs recommended in the Primal Blueprint regulated my glucose and insulin and allowed me to become more of a Fat burner, which in turn killed my afternoon crash, kept my energy high thought the day, and help me shed excess weight. This all inspired me to learn the science of blood sugar and insulin so I could teach it to others. This in turn, has led me to work heavily with the insulin resistant and type 2 diabetic populations in my personal training and health coaching.


When you can Balance your blood sugar (through becoming a Fat burner), Balance and Heal your gut (through taking out the Gut killers like NSAID’s grains, dairy, and bad oils), and find daily movement like Mark recommends in the Primal blueprint, than you give yourself a serious shot to overcome addictions. I could go on and on how stress, sleep, and fasting could help in beating addiction as well, but maybe for another blog.

Meeting Mark Sisson Paleo Fx 2017

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My aim is that others can receive courage and direction for overcoming their addictions to live as what Mark Sisson’s Slogan is: LIVE AWESOME!

2 large meals (and intermittent fasting) vs. 6 small meals- Studies confirm

Intermittent Fasting vs. Eating every 2 hours

Over and Over I hear people say that eating 6 small meals a day is the best diet for revving up your metabolism and burning fat. So I dug out this study for my Insulin Resistance and Diabetic population (and anyone else). This study took 54 diabetic people and half of them ate 2 large meals a day with intermittent fasting the rest of the day. The other half ate the same amount of calories split into 6 small meals throughout the day. Both groups participated for the 12 week long duration. The results were confirmed that the individuals that ate the 2 large meals a day lost the most weight, had the lowest blood glucose, burned the most liver fat, and increased their insulin sensitivity.

Interestingly in the context of how insulin works, this makes total sense. Insulin is the storage hormone and when insulin is high we are storing more, and when inulin is low then we burning more energy and storing less. Intermittent Fasting allows for the blood glucose to drop to a lower range which also lowers insulin down as well. This signals the body to up regulate glucagon, which begins the fat burning process. So whether your a diabetic or not, minimizing your insulin is the major key in creating fat loss. Lipolysis (fat burning) is inhibited (prevented) by insulin, point blank.... So if we are eating 6 small meals a day and constantly spiking insulin, when are we allowing our insulin to go low so that lipolysis can turn on and burn fat? By spreading out our meals and practicing I.F. than we allow that insulin to fall and our working our fat burning muscle. Cause we both know which one of these diets will make you a fat burner! Comment below! Are you a fat burner or sugar burner?

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great day!

Gut health Fat loss Connection part 2

Now days everyone is dealing with different digestion and gut problems. These problems in Gut Health can be resolved by avoiding certain things, and caring for the health of your stomach, micro biome, and eating healthy real foods.
The first problem begins with low stomach acid. Low stomach acid can cause issues with constipation, bloating, gas, and belching post eating. Our stomach acid naturally declines with age so it's valuable to keep a close look at our stomach acid to make sure that it is adequate .
The second problem is that a lot of people, up to 80% of people, have a slightly leaky gut. This is caused by the increase of GMO foods and taking too many anti inflammatories like advil and naproxen. By limiting exposure to these toxic foods and pills, we can begin to take the steps to heal our gut lining and lower our inflammation and immune response. Which includes some food allergies.
Thirdly, with low stomach acid and higher sugar diet, we set the stage for bacterial overgrowth. If we lose the bacteria balance in our small intestines, than we begin to develop food cravings, fatigue, poor detoxification, poor digestion, and even hormone dis-regulation. Maintaining our gut diversity and micro biome, than we can improve insulin sensitivity, our immune function, and inflammation.
Here our my steps for improving gut health:
1 Test your stomach acid levels with HCL Betaine pills at meal times.
You can also look up the baking soda test on google to do an at home test.
2 Eat organic. No matter if you have leaky gut or not, take care of your gut lining by using such things as L Glutamine, Perfect Keto Collagen (found here on musclesandveggies.com), and Bone broth.
3 Be conscious about eating fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurts. Take probiotics to repopulate your gut bacteria. I like bifidus balance by jarrow formulas.
The bottom line is that our gut health has so much to do with our overall health. Taking precautions, and starting healing protocols will help us to maintain good digestion. We aren't what we eat, we are what we digest from what we eat. Thanks for watching and reading everyone! have a great day!

Perfect keto Collagen Brownies

Keto Brownie Recipe

Are you missing Brownies since you have started a low carb diet? Your not alone, we all do. This awesome Low carb keto brownie recipe will have you hitting the like button on this video, and subscribing to my channel. The recipe is:
1/4 cup of coconut flour (or almond flour)
1/2 cup of cocoa powder
2 tbsp of coconut oil
2 tbsp of butter
1 Serving of Perfect Keto Collagen protein (on my website)
4 tbsp of erythritol (or your sweetener of choice)
2 eggs
-Mix all ingredients together for 2 minutes then spread one inch thick into a baking pan.
-Bake 22 minutes @ 350
Then i like to pour melted Coconut Butter over the brownies then chill for 10 minutes.
I hope you enjoy this low carb baking recipe for gluten free keto brownies.
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Thanks for watching!!

perfect keto collagen brownies
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