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ketosis macro calculator

I love these guys at Perfect Keto because they care about their customers and they make really good products for ketosis. They just unveiled their new Ketosis Macro caluculator, so I figured I would link top it so all my clients could use this great tool in their health and Body Composition goals. It’s super easy! Just enter your height and weight, how active you are, and whether you want a calorie surplus or calorie def. Try it out now! Click below to use this free tool!!!

Click here >Keto Macro Caculator

Questions about your macro’s? Email me at musclesandveggies@gmail.com

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Gut health and Fat Loss (part 1)

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How can Gut health affect your Fat loss?

There are many factors that go into fat loss. One often over looked is the our Gut health. A very popular pub med study made this statement in a study that did comparing obesity and gut health, “The gut microbiota has recently been recognized as a key environmental factor driving metabolic diseases.” In this study, they took obese mice, and lean mice, and looked at the diversity of bacteria living in them. When they would take poop from the obese mice and put in the lean mice, the lean mice would become obese. Same goes for putting the lean mice poop into the obese mice. The obese mice would become lean! Clearly then, our gut health plays a vital role in how we metabolize and store fat.

What happens in the Gut, doesn’t just stay in the Gut….

So what all is controlled and affected by our gut health? This was a question I had, after reading the above Pub Med study. The Microbiome has many hats in the body, and I want to just touch on a few key points that I found related to fat loss in particular.Gut health

  1.  Inflammation is an automatic reaction form having “leaky gut”, or poor Gut Health.
  2. Insulin Sensitivity is a likely down regulated by the above inflammation.
  3. Poor Insulin Sensitivity leads to Insulin resistance, and tons of fat storage.

The more we eat sugar, the more we feed the bacteria that feed off primarily sugar. Than an over growth of that bacteria begins to develop causing more sugar cravings and fat storage. There are many other functions of the Gut microbiota. Our small intestine is the producer of up to 90% of our Serotonine Also the immune system depends upon the health of our micro biome in our gastrointestinal tract.

Who should look into this?

Everyone can benefit from improving their Gut Health! However, if you are struggling with weight loss, no matter how much you count calories or macros, Gut Health may be the game changer for fat metabolism for you. Autoimmunity, thyroid problems, and blood sugar problems can all be traced back to our gut health. My next post will touch on some easy things you can implement to start improving your gut health.

Ketogenic diet Protein Threshold Variation

How much protein on a Keto Diet?

If your reading this, you probably are attempting a Ketogenic Diet, and are tring to figure out how much protein that you should be eating……Ketogenic diet protein amounts are often debated. This could be the most important factor in not just a ketogenic diet, but also overall fat loss in general. Marketing and “bro science” has told us the last decade that we need hundreds of grams of protein or that we will wither away like a starving refuge. Upon embarking on a Keto diet many people basically do a low carb, high protein diet, because they think they must consume their one gram per pound of protein requirements. I know this because I was guilty of this myself until I actually tested for ketones and realized that I wasn’t in ketosis. The truth is that after 6 years of lifting and a significant amount of muscle mass, I thought to maintain it that I had to eat a lot of protein. What I didn’t realize, and why I am sharing this article, is that maintaining muscle and growing muscle are two separate ball games. 

Figuring out Protein Threshold

Ketogenic diet protein

I am 190lb at 10% body Fat and can only tolerate 80 Grams of Protein to stay in ketosis.

I wanted to feel ketosis, so I kept my carbs low, and my fat high, and set out to lower my protein and find out my protein threshold. Protein Threshold is the amount of protein that you currently need to maintain, grow, and repair tissue in the human body. Any Protein that doesn’t get utilized duew to over abundance just gets converted ito sugar via “gluconeogenesis”.  So I started at 100g, and I registered a 0.3 mmol in blood ketones. I went down to 90g the next day and got a 0.5 mmol. At this point I still didn’t feel any cognitive or energy benefits that everyone was raving about. So I went down to 80g, which I thought was way too low, and immediately registered a 1.0 mmol in blood ketones. This was the first day that I really felt the difference in energy, focus, and emotional stability. After tinkering I found out that on my workout days I could handle around 80g of protein, and on my rest days I could only tolerate about 75g or I would wake the next day out of ketosis. Most guys that are growing muscle can handle much more protein than me. However, they are probably growing new muscle tissue. I am not. I have pretty much reached my genetic potential when it comes to natural muscle size, therefor I just don’t need as much protein as I once thought I did….

Keys to Ketosis and Protein

  • Obviously keep Carbohydrates below 50g(net if your an athlete, total if not) vegetable, or nut carbs per day.
  • Began testing your ketones with blood or breath meters, pee strips are not accurate over time.
  • Start with 1 gram protein per kg of body weight, and decrease until you are in nutritional ketosis.
  • Keep fat above 70 percent of total caloriesProtein on keto

Protein, Ketosis, and Fat Loss

I realized very quickly that I enjoyed ketosis and I enjoyed eating less protein. I thought that frequent gas and bloating was just normal. But after days with no frequent gas, no bloating, and better bowel movements, I decided that I would do some research and find out if it was the protein that was giving me all the problems. I quickly realized that too much protein is directly linked to causing frequent gas, kidney problems, and digestive issues. After A few months in out of ketosis I have realized that whether I am doing keto or not sticking to my protein threshold is key to maintaining my current body fat percentage. When I go too high on protein, the gas creeps up, and I start putting on weight from the excess sugar production.

Conclusion: If your having trouble getting into Nutritional Ketosis, or just losing weight on a low carb diet, try finding your protein threshold. It could be lower than you think. It was for me. For any other questions regarding ketogenic diets or Keto coaching, feel free to contact me at musclesandveggies@gmail.com.

Muscle Mass Benefits

The Muscle Mass Prescription:

muscle mass video

I have been getting a ton of questions about building muscle, and what the benefits are of doing so. So i decided to do some digging on the benefits that I already knew of, and maybe some I hadn’t read yet too.  More and more now days I am seeing people on the cardio equipment less, and lifting heavy things instead. It’s pretty obvious that the leanest people in almost any gym, are on the weight racks. Sure you can lose weight with cardio, but if you don’t keep it up, the weight almost always piles back on. You cant keep it up forever because sooner than later the stress of doing cardio all the time makes your hormones fall apart. However, building muscle from resistance training actually improves your hormones and lowers stress if done correctly. So here’s what I found on the many many Muscle Mass Benefits.

Benefits of building Musclemuscle mass benefits

One study found that increased muscle mass was directly correlated with a lower risk of insulin resistance, high triglycerides, high fasting glucose, hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity. They also noted that the increase in muscle fiber size was also directly linked to greater increase energy metabolism.

Another Study found that both young adults and elderly had an increase in testosterone and growth hormone from progressive resistance training program. Both higher levels of testosterone and growth hormone are key player in fat mobilization and muscle building. So yes YOU CAN BUILD MUSCLE AND BURN FAT at the same time.

I’ve always known that muscle mass was directly linked to a longer mortality rate. This study in the Scientific American showed that muscle mass was better marker for tracking longevity than Body mass index (BMI).” Doctors routinely measure a patient’s body mass index, or BMI. And if that weight-to-height ratio points to obesity, the doc might prescribe exercise, to shed the extra pounds. But when it comes to longevity, a focus on weight loss may be misplaced. Because BMI isn’t actually a very reliable indicator of life span. A more useful measure, some physicians say, might be muscle mass.

Researchers analyzed BMI and muscle mass data from more than 3,600 seniors in a long-term study. And they tracked which seniors had died, a decade later. Turns out BMI wasn’t much good at predicting chance of death.

But muscle mass was: more muscle meant better odds of survival. The study appears in The American Journal of Medicine. [Preethi Srikanthan and Arun S. Karlamangla, Muscle Mass Index as a Predictor of Longevity in Older-Adults]”.

The Muscle Mass Dose:

Think simple…. You don’t have to quit your day job or sacrifice your weekends. Adding muscle mass can be as easy as lifting some heavy things a few times a week for 15 minutes. Think compound movements that target four areas: Push, Pull, Core, and Legs. If you do all four together with no rest your not only building muscle and burning fat, but your also building your cardiovascular base as well.

Sample Beginner workout:

10 push ups or shoulder press (on knees or regular)- 10 pull ups or 10 bicep curls- 10 sit ups or crunches- 10 body weight squats or 10 dead lifts. Perform each set of 10 back to back with little to no rest. Complete the every station to make a round. Start at 5 rounds for the first week, then increase weight or rounds or both as your get stronger and stronger.

Remember, to build muscle you have to put a greater and greater stimulus to the muscle to get it to adapt and grow. For questions or Fitness coaching you can email me at musclesandveggies@gmail.com or text/call 479-876-9649.

Low Carb desserts for Ketogenic or Low carbohydrate Diets

Low Carb desserts- Keto Sweet tooth

So just because you have started a low carb nutrition plan doesn’t mean that you can’t have any sweets or treats!!! You just have to know how to formulate them with minimal carbs and sugar. I consider this an art form….. Making something that taste like a dessert, only using real foods, and natural ingredients. Here are some of my favoriteConcoctions that I have found along my keto journey.

Pistachio Crusted, Almond butter, Coconut cream layer pie

You first start with the crust. It takes 1/4 cup of shelled pistachios, 1 tbsp of almond flour, and one tablespoon of coconut oil with a few drops of stevia in it. Crush the pistachios in to powder, add almond flour, then add in melted coconut oil, and stir until you can pack down your crust in to the bottom of a glass dish. After it sits in the freezer for about 10 minutes, it should be hard enough to add the almond butter.

low carb dessert

Add a half of a cup of nut butter as an even layer over your crust. Then store it in the freezer for another 10 minutes as you make your cream. You need  a half cup of pure coconut cream in a bowl. Mix in some cinnamon and stevia to taste. Add melted coconut oil, or coconut butter to get the right creamy consistency. Once you have it just right, pull out your pie, and add the cream as the topping. Then refrigerate until ready to serve. I recommend toasted coconut flakes, or crushed nuts as a delightful topping. This makes three servings. Each serving has 13g of Carbohydrate, 8g or protein, and 43g of fat.

Chocolate brownie Cookie

This one is pretty simple. Mix 2 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 serving of Keto collagen or protein powder, and one serving size of any nut butter. Whip them until consistency is like brownie batter and then stick into the fridge. While your no bake brownie is hardening, now you can make your topping. I personally like to take 1/4 cup coconut cream, and mix a little powdered peanut butter (like 1 tbsp, iIdon’t eat PB very much do to the mold factor), and a tbsp of coconut milk. This makes a creamy peanut butter topping for the chocolate brownie. Simple and easy, makes one big serving. I use macadamia nut butter in mine which makes the macro nutrient makeup 10.5g of carbs, 13g of protein, and 43g of fat.keto cookie